“Jewelry Care” Notes:

Your jewelry box may be tarnishing your silver jewelry. Most jewelry boxes are lined with fabric containing glues and dyes. Stop storing your jewelry in these boxes loose and uncovered! It is best to store your pieces individually in little plastic ziploc bags. Even if you keep your pieces in their own little box, put them in ziplocs. This will protect them from quickly tarnishing and scratching. Bags can be purchased at your local jewelry stores or store fixture and supply stores and on line.

Cleaning: After you wear your jewelry it is best to clean each piece with a jewelry cloth then store the item in a small ziploc bag. Paste silver polish has a petroleum base and will harm stones, avoid contact with stones. Use liquid dip cleaner for chains only, then rinse immediately. Liquid dips remove a thin layer of silver, so use with caution. Believe it or not, when I am making all of my pieces they go through many washings, even the stones, with warm water, a drop of liquid dish soap and a toothbrush to remove buffing rouge grime. Occasional washings like this are actually good for your jewelry to remove body oils and makeup.

Storing Your Jewelry: All Drusy stone items must be stored in their own little ziploc bag and put in a separate little box and then stored in your large jewelry box. This will prevent the delicate crystal specimens from being damaged and give them a long life so that you will be able to hand them down to the next generation. This is also important for all of your softer stones. I store all of my jewelry this way and it slows down the tarnishing of silver.

Avoid Dropping Your Pieces!!! Don’t put your necklace or earrings on while standing over your bathroom sink or tile floors. A drop may shatter you stones. A drop onto carpet will be much safer!

Storing Stone Bead and Pearl Strands: I recommend that you store your necklace strands unclasped, wound in a circle, without a slide or pendant and put in their own separate ziploc bag and stored in their own little box. This will keep the stringing wire from becoming misshapen, then your strand wont break over time.

Earrings: Please wear stoppers on all of your “French Loop” ear wires this will save you from loosing your valuable pieces. As with all other jewelry items store each earring in its own ziploc bag and together in a small box.

Cuff Bracelets: Never bend a solid sheet or wire cuff bracelet, they should be made to fit. Store your bracelet in its own ziploc bag and in its own box.

Marilyn Mack


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