F.G. Mack, the father of Marilyn Mack, along with his brother Edward Mack, worked at the Glove Mine
from 1956 to 1958, extracting incredible wulfenite specimens like you see above. Albert and Bernie
, well known mineral collectors, purchased many of those specimens which were then sold to the
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Department of Mineral Sciences.
You can look up that Glove Mine wulfenite data on the Mineral Search Page of the above mentioned site.

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Specimen Photos by Marilyn Mack

Wulfenite crystals, in shades of caramel and orange. These are two incredible specimens from the Glove Mine in the Santa Rita Mountains just south of Tucson, Arizona.
Above Specimen: 1 foot in length, collection Gene Schlepp, Tucson, Arizona, TGMS, VP
Specimen at right: 6 niches in length
"These are the lovely beauties that brought my family to southern
Arizona and what helped to inspire my direction later in life, thanks to my 'rockhound father'."