Kinoite Pendant

Rare Drusy Kinoite from the now closed Christmas Mine, in the Banner District, just north of Hayden and Winkleman, Arizona, with Faceted Iolite, Satin Aquamarine Cabochon (with mineral inclusions), Iolite Cabochon (with mineral inclusions), one .04 antique, mine cut Diamond (with inclusions) and six
.02-12/GH Diamonds set in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
2, 3/4" x 1, 7/8"


MM-GSSS-19 $2300.


"Atlantisite" Serpentine Pendant

"Atlantisite" Serpentine comes from Stichtite Hill in the Dundas Mineral Field of the Zeehan district near the central western coast of Tasmanisa, Australia. Set with Drusy Rainbow Pyrite, Citrine Cabochon, Faceted Oro Verde Citrine, Amethyst Cabochon, Faceted Amethyst, Peridot Cabochon and Faceted Peridot in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold.
3" x 1, 5/8"

MM-GSSS-22 $995.
Jane Hamilton Fine Art